With the expanding team of streamers on Team RIU and the addition of RIU 247, sometimes there’s just too much content for you to consume. We’re here to help you out with our weekly installments of ‘Up and Running’. 

‘Up and Running’ will serve as a way to catch you up on all of the action on Twitch by the Team RIU pros from the previous week. 

During the 2018 WCOOP, we decided to run the new ‘Up and Running’ Series twice a week because with all of the poker action online, there would be more content to recap.

With the final four days of the World Championship of Online Poker wrapping up over the weekend, nearly the whole team was streaming over the weekend.

It was Jaime Staples who stole the show, however, and had a gigantic day in one of his streams.

Staples streamed three times, turning a profit in all three of them. Friday, September 14, Staples cashed in an unheard of 75% of the tournaments he played, profiting $1,513 for his steam. Most of that profit came from a cash of $752 in the $22 5-card pot-limit Omaha WCOOP-L event.

He took a day off on Saturday and before hitting the grind again on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, he satellited into the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event en route to cashing in just under half of the the tournaments he entered.

This was all a precursor for what was coming on Monday when Staples had an incredible day. Staples made the final table of the Hot $215 with fellow Team RIU streamer Jeff Gross. If anybody ever thought there would be soft play among friends, they were wrong.

Gross busted at the hands of Staples, finishing in fifth, which was the highlight of Gross’ streams over the four-day stretch.

Staples, however, wasn’t done yet. He went on to win the event, earning $10,431.

His win capped off his stream, but it wasn’t the only major cash he had on Monday. He also cashed in the $1,050 eight-max progressive knockout for $6,883 to give him a profit of $16,880 on the session and cap off a profitable WCOOP season.

Ben Spragg continued to ride the wave of momentum from last week’s streams, while streaming twice and walking away with some cash.

‘Spraggy’ streamed on Sunday and Monday, netting $462 for the two days, while sometimes streaming alongside his friend and fellow Team RIU member Fintan ‘EasyWithAces’ Hand.

Spragg’s deepest run came in the $55 no-limit hold’em WCOOP-L main event. He cashed for nearly eight buy-ins, which is expected when you take what is normally a chop and turn it into a win.

Hand also streamed twice during the time frame, going live on Thursday and Monday.

The most shocking part of everything that transpired was that Jason Somerville took a day off. On Friday, he streamed two different short sessions, while cashing in two of the seven tournaments he played, including one for $5,029 in the $2,100 5-card pot-limit Omaha.

Saturday he turned a profit of $1,834 while continuing his high-stakes streams. He cashed in the $5,200 turbo event and the $1,050 8-game. He played and busted the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event on Sunday, which is good of a reason as ever to do the unthinkable – take a day off.

Somerville didn’t stream on Monday before finishing his WCOOP season with a stream on Tuesday.

Lex Veldhuis was the only team member to finish off WCOOP with a stream every day. Everybody tuned in for his run in the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event, however.

With more than 10,000 viewers, which was seemingly the new normal for his recent streams, Veldhuis made Day 2 of the WCOOP Main Event and cashed for $23,432. His other highlights included cashing the $530 Progressive Knockout Half Price Thrill for $3,376 and cashing in the WCOOP $2,100 8-game for $4,602.

With WCOOP season behind us, ‘Up and Running’ will cut back and only be published once a week, like it was originally intended to be.