With the expanding team of streamers on Team RIU and the addition of RIU 247, sometimes there’s just too much content for you to consume. We’re here to help you out with our weekly installments of ‘Up and Running’. 

‘Up and Running’ will serve as a way to catch you up on all of the action on Twitch by the Team RIU pros from the previous week. 

With WCOOP hitting its final seven days last week, there were multiple streams from most of the Team Run It Up streamers.

Ben Spragg (pictured) was, one of, if not the most successful streamer for the week. He streamed three times during the first four days of the week, all of which ended up in the black. He profited $193 on Tuesday, September 11 by cashing in five of the 11 tournaments he streamed, including a $143 cash in a bounty builder tournament on PokerStars.

On Wednesday, he cashed in six of 22 tournaments and profited $217 before he put together a $1,507 profit on Thursday’s stream. He only cashed in one event on Thursday’s stream, but he made it count by final tabling the Hot $22, earning $1,590 for his deep run.

Spragg put on three streams, but Jason Somerville and Jaime Staples put on streams all four days. Somerville had a bit of a rough stretch, but at least he won’t be taking up Liv Boeree on her offer to go on ‘Naked and Afraid’ with him.

Despite Somerville’s rough stretch of cards, he still found some bright spots and a little bit of rungood, like flopping a royal flush in the $2,000 five-card pot-limit Omaha WCOOP event.

Lady Luck looked a little more favorably on Staples’ WCOOP streams. He started off the week with a couple of streams on Monday and Tuesday.

Even though neither were profitable for Staples, he found himself on the right end of some cold decks, like flopping a flush against a pair and a flush draw in one of the small stakes WCOOP events.

On Wednesday and Thursday, he found himself in the black. On Wednesday, he technically ended up in the red for a small amount, but he cashed for $170 in a six-max progressive knockout and made Day 2 of the $215 WCOOP low stakes high roller.

On Thursday, he streamed the conclusion of the high roller, where he finished in the money, cashing for $672 and profited $628 for that stream.

Jeff Gross continued to stream nearly every day of the WCOOP and continued to rack up the cashes. In the first four days of the week, he made four final tables and three top-three finishes.

On Monday, he finished third in the $109 six-max hyper turbo for $2,500 and on Tuesday, he finished second in the Daily 500 for $13,577. On Thursday, he made two final tables. He finished seventh in the $82 no-limit hold’em turbo event for $272 and third in the $215 no-limit hold’em turbo for $3,247.

Lex Veldhuis was streaming nearly every day during WCOOP, but ended up taking a couple of days off, resting up for the weekend home stretch and the WCOOP Main Event.

He didn’t stream on Monday or Wednesday, but had his best day on Tuesday when he cashed in eight tournaments totaling $2,886 in cashes. He also streamed on Thursday, cashing in four events for $844.

Fintan ‘EasyWithAces’ Hand streamed three times as well. His most noteworthy stream came on Thursday when Hand final tabled the $215 Battle Royale, cashing for $4,497.