With the expanding team of streamers on Team RIU and the addition of RIU 247, sometimes there’s just too much content for you to consume. We’re here to help you out with our weekly installments of ‘Up and Running’. 

‘Up and Running’ will serve as a way to catch you up on all of the action on Twitch by the Team RIU pros from the previous week. 

The week leading up to the 2018 World Championship of Online Poker was highlighted by Jason Somerville’s return to streaming. Somerville returned from an 18-month streaming hiatus to stream on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday before WCOOP got underway on Sunday.

Somerville’s return went as well as he could’ve hoped for. Despite it being more than an entire orbit around the sun since the last time he clicked a button on the PokerStars client, he recorded four profitable sessions and won more than $7,800.

His first stream back, on Wednesday, served mostly as a warm-up. He knocked the rust off both his stream and his poker game while entering six tournaments, some sit n’ gos and some mid-stakes mixed games. He cashed in two of the tournaments and netted a profit of $827 in tournaments alone.

On Thursday, he upped both the number of tournaments entered and the profit earned. This time, he streamed 13 tournaments as well as sit n’ gos and some more mixed cash games, mostly $20/$40 8-game. He earned a profit in all three formats, including $3,829 in tournaments.

His tournament profit came from a runner-up finish in the $215 Fat Thursday turbo, his only cash of the day. He lost heads-up to ‘Solymar11’ and earned $8,322 for his first final table appearance on stream in quite some time.

His Friday stream was another tournament heavy stream where he played 12 MTTs, cashing in three. He won all three Spin & Gos he played, and won a $25 hyper turbo six-max knockout sit n’ go, which gave him a profit of $2,669.

Saturday’s stream was the shortest of the four. He streamed five hours of $20/$40 8-game and won $531.30 in the process.

Lex Veldhuis continued to pump out content and streamed three more sessions to close out the month. He finished the month of August with streams on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, leading up to one of the busiest stretches in the online poker world.

His only profitable stream of the three was on Sunday, when he netted $597.55 over his nine-hour stream. He played 48 tournaments and cashed in six. His biggest cash came in the $215 Sunday Million, where he came in 29th for $1,911.

His final two streams of the week weren’t as smooth as the first. On Wednesday, he streamed 37 MTTs and cashed in five of them. He didn’t make any deep runs in any of his cashes, which resulted in a loss of $1,921.63.

On Thursday, Veldhuis streamed another 40 MTTs and cashed in six of them. This included a cash for $512 in the $215 Triple Threat and winning a seat into the $1,050 Thursday thrill through a $55 satellite.

He lost $919.72 in his final stream of August, but he finished the month with $3,045.94 in profits thanks to his massively profitable stream a couple weeks ago.

(Spoiler Alert: Veldhuis’ September streams are off to a great start.)

Fintan ‘EasyWithAces’ Hand produced two streams last week as well. He streamed on Sunday and Monday with mixed results.

The 2018 WCOOP got underway on Sunday, September 2, which starts one of the most intense tournament schedules in online poker. With the series getting underway, Team RIU will be putting out more content than usual and ‘Up and Running’ will be published twice a week to keep you up-to-date with all of the Team RIU action.