With the expanding team of streamers on Team RIU and the addition of RIU 247, sometimes there’s just too much content for you to consume. We’re here to help you out with the first installment of ‘Up and Running’. 

‘Up and Running’ will serve as a way to catch you up on all of the action on Twitch by the Team RIU pros from the previous week. 

With PokerStars’ WCOOP on the horizon, most of the team took a break from streaming, but Lex Veldhuis more than made up for any absence by putting together an absolutely massive day on his Twitch channel.

Last Thursday, August 16, Veldhuis streamed for just over 11 hours. Over the course of the 27 PokerStars tournaments he entered, he netted $13,592, which brought his total profit for August to $10,116.

Most of Veldhuis’ profit for his stream came from a victory in the $33 Bounty Builder. He defeated ‘P.Wernbloom7’ heads-up and earned $10,130 for his victory.

A win in and of itself is enough to make a day profitable, but the Dutch pro wasn’t done. He made a deep run in the Big 109. Veldhuis finished second in it for $5,099, falling heads-up to ‘Ringelsdorf.’

It was a heads-up cooler that cost Veldhuis a second victory in one day. In a four-bet pot, Veldhuis and ‘Ringelsdorf’ both flopped top pair. They got their stacks in on the turn and Veldhuis was outkicked. He couldn’t spike a jack on the river so he finished runner-up out of 392 players.

His several deep runs and two final tables gave Veldhuis a massive number of new subs on Twitch. Throughout his ‘Road to WCOOP’ stream, Veldhuis picked up 1,318 subscribers to his channel, only adding to the popularity of one of poker’s most popular Twitch streams.

Veldhuis had the most success on the team last week, but he wasn’t the only team pro that was grinding away on the virtual felt.

Fintan ‘EasyWithAces’ Hand put together a profitable stream a day before Veldhuis’ massive day. Like Veldhuis, Hand, earned his profit in a bounty builder event on PokerStars.

Throughout his almost eight-hour stream, Hand found his only cash in the $22 Bounty Builder for a tidy profit of $923.

Kevin Martin was the first team pro to stream last week. On Tuesday, August 14, he streamed 28 tournaments over a 10-hour time frame. Unlike any of the other streams, Martin mixed in some non-hold’em games to his grind.

Martin streamed the $3.30 HORSE, the $4.40 pot-limit 5-card draw progressive knockout, the $11 Omania no-limit Omaha hi-lo, the $27 Omania pot-limit Omaha and the $11 Omania pot-limit Omaha hi-lo, along with a slew of no-limit hold’em events.

Martin took down the $82 no-limit hold’em turbo progressive knockout for $1,886, which was the lion’s share of his $1,417 profit on the day.

The Canadian pro also finished second in the $11 no-limit Omaha hi-lo event for $191. He cashed in eight events, including several of the mixed game events he entered. The stream’s profits were just a continuation of the live tournament heater Martin has been on, having won over $87,000 so far in 2018.

It was a profitable week for the team, with Team RIU netting $15,932 as they get ready for the start of the year’s biggest online tournament series of the year.