With the expanding team of streamers on Team RIU and the addition of RIU 247, sometimes there’s just too much content for you to consume. We’re here to help you out with our weekly installments of ‘Up and Running’. 

‘Up and Running’ will serve as a way to catch you up on all of the action on Twitch by the Team RIU pros from the previous week. 

Last week, it was Lex Veldhuis who dominated the tournaments he played while making up the majority of Team RIU’s twitch content. This week, it was both Veldhuis and Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg (pictured above) that made up the bulk of the team’s twitch content.

Spragg streamed three times last week and crushed the competition each time. He streamed Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, August 23.

His first two streams scored small profits before he broke through for a few larger scores and a very profitable session on Thursday. He played 20 tournaments and cashed in four of them, earning him $1,269 on the day and brought his streaming August profit to $1,051.

During a portion his most profitable stream, he was joined by Fintan ‘EasyWithAces’ Hand. Spraggy scored two very deep runs that made up most of his profit. While playing on PokerStars, he went deep in the $109 Mini Thursday Thrill for $849 and also went deep in the $22 Mini Triple Threat for an additional $746.

Veldhuis put together three streams as well during the seven-day stretch and after last week’s results, he had a lot to live up to this week. Unfortunately, over the three streams, the Team PokerStars online pro found himself in the red. He is, however, still up nearly $6,000 on the month after a few days not going his way.

Veldhuis streamed Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday, August 23. Over those three days, he streamed 97 different tournaments on PokerStars. He had a handful of cashes, but his deep runs came in satellites, where he won seats into the Thursday’s $530 Bounty Builder and the $1050 Thursday Thrill.

His biggest cash came on Sunday’s stream when he cashed in the $215 Bounty Builder for $1,239.52. In the $530 Bounty Builder, he earned $687.50 in bounties and cashed for a $853.99. Here’s a look at one of his knockouts.

Hand, when he wasn’t on stream with Spragg, held two streams of his own on August 24 and 25 with mixed results.

The next few weeks will have Team RIU putting out tons of content. Jason Somerville returned to Twitch this week and PokerStars’ WCOOP kicks off on Sunday, which will lead to more streams and more action from the team.