After five months of passionate competition, we’re now down to the final stretch of our Next Top Twitch Poker Streamer contest!

I’ve been so impressed by how many people have invested their time, energy, and creativity into building their channels and growing their Twitch community. I have so much respect for all of our contestants and arguably any of our final ten would be a worthy winner of the entire contest. I never thought picking a winner would be easy, but after seeing our final ten, even choosing a final three was difficult – so I chose a final five instead. Win or lose, I hope all of our contestants continue their content journeys on Twitch!

That being said, here are my final five, in alphabetical order, along with a brief explanation of why they made it:


ALLinPav – Pav’s built a strong community through ramping up his Twitch game this year, all while being consistent, active, and a positive presence in the category. Nobody gained more followers during the challenge or averaged higher viewership, while also broadcasting more hours than any of our other finalists.


IrEgption – A veteran presence on Twitch Poker, no one crushed poker more so than Patrick during our challenge. In addition to winning WCOOP-59-M, Patrick chopped the Sunday Million live on Twitch, two huge accomplishments for any poker player, let alone a poker streamer.


Pyefacepoker – Pyeface is the exact sort of person I hoped this challenge would bring to Twitch. Mason started his channel fresh from nothing for this contest and built a community around his passion for mixed games. His positive energy and professional presentation has been very impressive throughout.


RSchoonbaert – The winner of our Challenge #1, Ryan was a streaming machine during the competition broadcasting over 500 hours across the contest. Ryan’s love for mixed games is infectious and his passion for poker has allowed him to build a strong community of like-minded fans.


VanessaKade – Vanessa has done an amazing job building her community. Her channel has embraced a light-hearted atmosphere while maintaining a competitive and analytical emphasis. Her unique energy and charisma has established herself as a contest finalist.


Here’s a reminder as to the criteria our Team RIU streamer jury will be picking from:

Average concurrent viewers
Chat interaction
Hours broadcast
Tournament cashes
Presence in the Twitch Poker community
Ability to fulfill the role of “Twitch Poker Ambassador”

Congrats to our final five, you all have done great work for Twitch Poker and should be proud of your accomplishments. We’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday!


Jason Somerville