$125 Six-Max 5-Card PLO
Level 16: 4,000/8,000
Players Remaining: 1 of 82

On the turn with the board reading [Jd][Th][3s][9d], Nicolas Burnett checks from the big blind and Pete Mall bets 35,000 on the button. Burnett check-raises all in and Mall hesitantly calls, all in for about 110,000.

Burnett shows [Ad][7d][7h][7c][8h], giving him a jack-high straight and the nut flush draw, and is in the lead against Mall’s [Jc][9h][9s][Ts][5c].

The river is the [2h] and Burnett fades the board pairing river card to eliminate Mall in second.

Burnett wins $2,140 for the victory and Mall leaves with $1,400 for second-place.

Pete Mall

Nicolas Burnett – $125 5-Card PLO Champion
Pete Mall –¬†Eliminated¬†