$125 Six-Max 5-Card PLO
Level 14: 2,000/4,000
Players Remaining: 3 of 82

Mikail Osipov was standing up from his seat, the hole cards were tabled, and the river was already dealt. Osipov’s hand was already mucked, but Stanley Wang was raking in the pot with the nut straight.

Osipov busted in fifth place for $460 and Wang moved into the chip lead.

Just a couple hands later, on a flop of Qx7x3x, Ryan Leonis committed the last of his chips on the button against Nicolas Burnett in the big blind.

Leonis showed AcQhJh9d8h, but needed to make two pair against Burnett’s Qx6x4x3x2x.

The turn is the 4x and the river is the 2x. Leonis didn’t make two pair and was eliminated in fourth for $640.

Nicolas Burnett – 280,000
Stanley Wang – 330,000
Ryan Leonis – Eliminated 
Mikail Osipov – Eliminated