$550 PLO Six-Max Championship
Level 20: 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 2 of 51

Although Jeff Gross started heads-up play at a chip disadvantage to Kevin Gerhart, Gross doubled up to take over the chip lead and then grinded Gerhart down to just 60,000.

Jeff Gross raises on the button and Kevin Gerhart moves all in out of the big blind. Gross calls and the cards are tabled. Gerhart shows [8c][6d][5c][2d] and is up against Gross’ [Kd][Kh][4h][4c].

The board runs out [Qd][Jd][Js][9s][4d]. Gerhart rivers a flush, but the [4d] gives Gross a full house to win the pot.

Gerhart finishes runner-up for $5,200 and Gross wins his first RIU trophy and $8,075.

Kevin Gerhart

Jeff Gross – $550 PLO Six-Max Champion
Kevin Gerhart –¬†Eliminated¬†