Run It Up Reno VII closes out the series with today at 5 p.m. The final event on the schedule is a $125 Taiwanese poker event, but it has a bit of a twist to it. This Taiwanese event will run as a double board format.

Here are the details for the final event of the series:

  • The tournament will run five-handed
  • Players begin with 10,000 in tournament chips
  • Players are paid out a maximum of what they currently have in their stack
  • The top/high card board is scored first, then the middle/two-card board and finally the bottom/four-card board
  • If a player loses all of their chips after paying out the top and/or middle board, they are eliminated from the tournament, even if they have a winning middle or bottom hand.
  • Levels are 20 minutes long for the entire tournament
  • There are 10-minute breaks after every six levels of play
  • Registration and re-entry is open until the start of level 9 (~7:50 p.m.)