On Thursday, Sarah Sherman came so very close to the sweet taste of victory before finishing runner-up to Jim Brundige in the $150 six-max pot-limit Omaha bounty event. On Friday, however, she returned to the tournament area with a vengeance.

After a lengthy heads-up battle with Derek Gomez, Sarah Sherman took down the $125 six-max NORSE event, besting a field of 113 entries. She denied Gomez his second trophy of the series and earned $2,820 in the process.

Sherman, a native of Oregon, took a massive chip lead heading into heads-up play, but it took over two hours and nearly seven levels of play with the chip lead changing hands multiple times Sherman could close out the match.

The heads-up battle lasted so long that it took the event off the structure sheet and for the final two levels of heads-up, there were less than 10 big bets in play total. By the end of the match, Sherman could only think about one thing. And it wasn’t poker.

“I just want to go to bed,” said Sherman.

Ironically enough, Sherman finished runner-up in her best game and won the trophy in a mix of games that she thinks she is deficient in.

“PLO is my best game by far,” said Sherman. “This is not my specialty at all. I’ve played it a lot, but it’s been a while. PLO is my game. I’m actually kind of shocked I won this.”

Gomez picked up $1,841 for his runner-up finish and continues to put on a poker clinic in Reno, having cashed and final tabled in multiple events aside from his victory earlier in the series. Michael ‘Sparky’ Clark won the RIU gear last longer and also gets a seat in the Platinum Pass freeroll.

Full Results:

1st: Sarah Sherman – $2,820
2nd: Derek Gomez – $1,841
3rd: Michael ‘Sparky’ Clark – $1,220 + seat into the Platinum Pass freeroll (RIU gear last longer winner)
4th: Randy Bird – $840
5th: Nick Kiley – $600
6th: Joe Ogden – $450
7th: Kyle Anderson – $350
8th: Josh Tabac – $350
9th: Kim Stone – $305
10th: Jonathan Finch – $305
11th: Scott Moskowitz – $265
12th: Peter Dirksen – $265
13th: Kevin Gerhart – $235
14th: William Burns – $235
15th: Justin Kelly – $235
16th: Gregory Bitterly – $215
17th: Christopher Lasshell – $215
18th: Kevin Barrett – $215