$125 NORSE
Level 19: 20,000/40,000 limits, 10,000/20,000 blinds
Players Remaining: 4 of 113 

Omaha Hi-Lo

Sarah Sherman raises from under the gun and Nick Kiley calls on the button, all in for 27,000. Keith Bird calls out of the small blind and Derek Gomez defends his big blind.

The flop is [Ks][Ts][2d] and action checks to Sherman, who bets. Bird folds and Gomez calls. The turn is the [Td] and Gomez checks again. Sherman bets and Gomez calls.

The river is the [Qd] and Gomez checks. Sherman bets and Gomez folds. Sherman shows [Kd][Kc][5c][4c], good for kings full, and wins the side pot without a fight. Kiley turns over [7d][6s][4c][3s] and is eliminated in fifth place for $600.

Sarah Sherman – 440,000
Nick Kiley – Eliminated