Adam Owen’s first trip to Run It Up Reno resulted in an RIU trophy in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The poker pro came to Reno all the way from England and took down the $125 win the button tournament. He topped a field of 276 entries to earn $5,195 after altering the payouts slightly in a heads-up deal with Dylan Hortin.

Owen is one of the most successful tournament pros on the planet with over $3 million in live tournament earnings. While the score isn’t even close to his biggest, he still enjoys taking down titles.

“I haven’t won many trophies, so I’m pretty happy with that,” said Owen. “I’m on a bit of a streak. I actually won two in England, so I’m pretty stoked with this. Winning a massive trophy like this is pretty cool.”

Owen and a couple of his friends decided to make the trip across the Atlantic and use RIU Reno as a way to jumpstart a vacation on the west coast of the United States. The win the button format and some of the other fun variants are a big part of what attracted him to hop in the mix.

“I really enjoyed it. There’s a lot of subtle adjustments that you can make,” said Owen. “Especially short-handed with really shallow stacks. If you’re on the button, you can just pummel the other guys. It was crazy. It was a really fun format.”

The final table went smoothly for the 25-year-old. He came into the final table second and chips and was never in real danger of going broke.

“I had quite a few setbacks, but I had some good cards as well and didn’t really dip below average,” said Owen. “So I was able to just ride my rush at the end and just have the best cards. We got short at the end. Dylan, who is such a great player, just had like five big blinds and we were just all in ever hand basically.”

Owen wins his first trophy, $5,195 and earns a set into the platinum pass freeroll at the end of the series. Rami Abdella also earned a seat into the freeroll after winning the RIU gear last longer.

Full Results:

1st: Adam Owen – $5,195
2nd: Dylan Hortin – $3,392
3rd: Mark Jeans – $2,600
4th: Derek Gomez – $1,800
5th: Mackenzie Boyd – $1,300
6th: Ryan Leonis – $930
7th: Rami Abdella – $690 + Platinum Pass Freeroll Seat (RIU Gear Last Longer Winner)
8th: Leyla Rogers – $525
9th: Michael Stone – $450
10th: Benjamin Hall – $450
11th: Karl Lander – $400
12th: Kenyah Elliott – $400
13th: Scott Rippens – $355
14th: Eric Graziosi – $355
15th: Devon Hulse – $315
16th: Edwin Nelson – $315
17th: Ricky Guan – $280
18th: Kenneth Flippen – $280
19th: Brad Weinstein – $280
20th: Howard Hamel – $280
21st: Christoph Mongmaka – $250
22nd: Jagadeesh Vallabhaneni – $250
23rd: Crystal McCarvel – $250
24th: Brad Willis – $250
25th: Arlie Shaban – $225
26th: Steven Northrup – $225
27th: Peter Dirksen – $225
28th: Jon Turner – $225
29th: Steven Filipovic – $205
30th: Brian Sherrier – $205
31st: Jason Miller – $205
32nd: Tiffany Guzman – $205
33rd: Andrew Neeme – $190
34th: Timothy Guilford – $190
35th: James Minghin – $190
36th: Jordan Spurlin – $190
37th: Michael Miller – $190
38th: William Stewart – $190
39th: Kevin Tatum – $190
40th: Ryan Schoonbaert – $190
41st: Ciprian Tatu – $180
42nd: Kevin Barrett – $180
43rd: Robert Edwards – $180
44th: Adam Johnson – $180
45th: Ryan Stephen – $180
46th: Nathan Furman – $180
47th: Philip Tardik – $180
48th: Melanie Moser – $90
49th: Cody Courtoirs – $90