Most live cash game players aren’t used to short-handed play. Most of the time games are nine-handed and the players don’t end up getting a ton of experience playing short-handed before the game breaks.

Not Jason Burruss. Burruss plays primarily cash games but proved in the early hours of Tuesday morning that he was more than competent in short-handed no-limit hold’em. Burruss took down the $235 no-limit hold’em six-max triple shootout, defeating 186 entries and Geroge Geros heads-up to win $10,000.

“This is the biggest tournament I’ve ever won and I feel really good,” said Burruss. “But honestly I’m a cash game player. But Run It Up offers these really affordable tournaments and we happened to be out here and I played in this one.”

Burruss is a jack of all trades. The Humboldt, California native is a jewelry designer, runs an event company and also works as a musician. Somehow he still finds time to play poker.

“I juggle poker between life and my other jobs,” said Burruss. “I played a show in Nevada City a couple nights ago. We were close, so we came down for a couple days. My amazingly supportive girlfriend hung out and supported me and got me here. I took it down, so I’m really happy.”

With all of the commitments he has going on in his life, it’s no surprise he focuses mainly on cash games. It’s hard for him to fit a tournament into his already busy schedule. Luckily, his life is so busy that he squeezes poker into late night sessions.

The late night cash games sessions prepared him for the tournament that he won.

“I played a lot of cash games where it’s the end of the night and people start leaving,” he said. “And I’m always the last one to leave. So that’s how I got good at short-handed poker. I prefer six-max.”

His short-handed experience was on display at the final table. He put on a dominating performance, holding a huge chip lead through most of the final table. He eliminated Matt Murphy in fifth place, which gave him about half of the chips in play with four players remaining.

He held the chip lead until Geros took it away from him during heads-up play. Geros knocked out Gus Pasquella in third and then chipped away at Burruss’ lead until he had a slight lead for himself.

But a little bit of help from the poker Gods at the right time put Burruss back in the lead for good. With nearly identical stacks, Burruss was all in preflop with five-six of hearts against Geros’ ace-king. Burruss flopped two pair and doubled up, leaving Geros with less than 10 big blinds.

“There were some really aggressive, really good players at the final table,” said Burruss. “So, I decided to tighten up. I probably played the tightest poker I’ve ever played until the first player busted. He was the most aggressive and he had position on me. Then I felt a little more comfortable. I played really good poker and ran really good in all the best spots.”

Burruss finished off Geros with some rungood as well. Geros was short and was all in for about 8 big blinds with queen-jack against Burruss’ jack-nine. A nine on the river sealed Geros’ fate and gave the title to Burruss. Both Burruss and Geros receive a seat into the Platinum Pass qualifier event. Burruss earned his seat for winning the trophy and Geros got his seat for winning the Run It Up Warrior last longer.

Full Results:

1st: Jason Burruss – $10,000
2nd: George Geros – $6,584 + seat into Platinum Pass freeroll (RIU Warrior Last Longer Winner)
3rd: Gus Pasquella – $4,200
4th: Fintan Hand – $2,700
5th: Matt Murphy – $1,700
6th: Brian Sherrier – $900
7th: Patrick Tardif – $400
8th: Todd Hulme – $400
9th: Michael Triveit – $400
10th: Thomas Leach – $400
11th: Steven Nevins – $400
12th: Bohad Zhu – $400
13th: Kevin Barrett – $400
14th: Dan Barker – $400
15th: Dallas Elwell – $400
16th: Ori Kossonogi – $400
17th: Nicolas Burnewtt – $400
18th: Kevin Martin – $400
19th: Jimmy Cappucci – $400
20th: James Urbanic – $400
21st: James Brundige – $400
22nd: Hayden Fortini – $400
23rd: Ilana Creed – $400
24th: Derek Gomez – $400
25th: Marcus Alvin – $400
26th: Stephen Roselius – $400
27th: Ricky Guan – $400
28th: Lech Boltryk – $400
29th: Joseph Wegner – $400
30th: Kenneth Adams – $400
31st: Christopher Falanga – $400