Just over a month ago, Ricky Guan was announced as the newest Team Run It Up streamer. About five weeks later, he’s taking down an RIU event. Guan is the leader of a New Jersey-based group of poker players known as the ‘Young Wizards.’ He teamed up with a fellow Wizard, Brian Sherrier, affectionately known as ‘Bexel,’ to take down the $125 no-limit hold’em partner event.

The two defeated a field comprised of 114 two-person teams to earn the trophy, a seat into the Platinum Pass freeroll, and $2,810 to split among the two players. This is their first Run It Up Reno and it’s Guan’s first-ever cash in an RIU event. For both of them, the atmosphere and the fun lived up to the hype.

“It’s been amazing so far,” said Guan. “All the stories that I’ve heard about all the fun people have here and Bexel has been a fan of Twitch poker since the very beginning as well. So he was the best person to bring with me on my first RIU trip.”

Sherrier, who just turned 21, cashed twice in one day. Earlier in the day, he finished 12th in the $440 Mini Main Event before joining Guan in the partner event. Giving him half of the money from the partner event, Sherrier cashed for $2,880 on Sunday alone.

“It’s not the trophy I wanted, but a trophy nonetheless,” said Sherrier. “No tilt (after busting the Mini Main Event). I’m just here to have fun, so it’s all good. We’re all happy.”

With two very competent poker players on a team, the two Young Wizards split the workload with each playing about half of the hands in the tournament. At the final table, Sherrier started at the helm before handing it off to Guan, but it was Sherrier who sealed the deal for the duo.

“Bexel ran it up early and then on the bubble, I went from the shortest stack in the room to chip leader in about a 10-minute span,” said Guan. “Then Bexel ran it up to start the start the final table. I carried it along and Bexel closed it out as he is a very good short-handed player.”

“He knew who to hand it off to,” joked Sherrier.

This event was one of the more lighthearted events on the schedule. In the spirit of Halloween, there was a costume contest that went along with this event. The team who had the best costume would receive an entry into the Platinum Pass freeroll.

Heather Hardie and Isaac Leong won that title when they played the event dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Hardie came to the event dressed as the world and Leong played the role of Little Red Riding Hood. They finished third and split $1,230.

Sherrier and Guan didn’t participate in the costume contest, but it didn’t end up mattering.

“I’m not a costume guy. Let’s not go down that road,” joked Sherrier. “Well, we get a ticket to Platinum Pass freeroll, so we didn’t need a costume,” he continued with a laugh.

They enjoyed the atmosphere though and thought some of the costumes were very well done.

“Shout out to all the people who did wear costumes because there were some amazing ones out here,” said Guan.

“Shout out to the kitty costume and the guy wearing the plaid jacket,” said Sherrier. “Nobody understood the costume, but after they told me after and it was very well done. I guess Don Cherry is known for his cat. It’s too complicated, but I think they should’ve won.”

Sherrier defeated Burton Rubin heads-up to finish the single-day tournament. Here are the full results for the event (only the team member that signed for the prize money is listed in the results):

1st: Ricky Guan/Brian Sherrier – $2,810
2nd: Burton Rubin – $1,858
3rd: Heather Hardie/Isaac Leong – $1,230
4th: Stephen Roselius/Michelle Nastasis – $850
5th: Adam Johnson – $600
6th: Mark Mazza – $450
7th: Brett Gordan – $360
8th: Jody Russell – $360
9th: Whitney Brayton – $310
10th: Christopher Nutter – $310
11th: William Lee – $270
12th: Ryan Rohrback – $270
13th: Jimmy Pascal – $240
14th: Winfield Tench – $240
15th: Marcus Lousa – $240
16th: Issaac Hampson – $220
17th: James Ryan – $220
18th: Rebecca Hardisty – $220