$235 Turbo NLH Kick-off
Level 23: 15,000/30,000 with a 15,000 BB ante
Entries 126
Players Remaining: 1

Before heads-up play began, Batuhan Zadeh and Lex Veldhuis agreed to chop the remaining prize pool evenly and play for the trophy.

Zadeh raises to 81,000 on the button and Veldhuis moves all in out of the big blind for 320,000. Zadeh quickly calls.

Veldhuis shows [Ac][4c] and is in trouble against Zadeh’s [5d][5s]. The board comes [Kc][Js][8c][4s][3d] and Zadeh wins the pot and the tournament. Both players will take home $5,090 for their efforts. Zadeh will take the trophy and the first title of the young series.

A complete recap will be posted tonight.

Batuhan Zadeh – $235 NLH Kickoff Champion
Lex Veldhuis –¬†Eliminated¬†