$235 Turbo NLH Kick-off
Level 19: 6,000/12,000 with a 12,000 BB ante
Entries 126
Players Remaining: 8

Niklas Ehrenholz raises from early position and Aaron Barnes moves all in for about 70,000 from middle position. Ehrenholz calls and the cards are tabled.

Barnes is flipping with his [Ah][Ts] against Ehrenholz’s [6h][6d].

The board runs out [9d][6s][5h][9s][Jc] and Ehrenholz flops a set and turns a boat to eliminate Barnes in ninth place for $555.

“The life of NikkyMouse,” jokes Lex Veldhuis about the rungood of his fellow European streamer.

Niklas Ehrenholz – 575,000
Aaron Barnes –¬†Eliminated¬†