Over the last few years, Andrew Neeme took the poker world by storm with his high-quality vlogs that documented his career as a professional poker player living and grinding in Las Vegas.


The $2/$5 and $5/$10 grinder now brings the same creativity, vision and work ethic that made his YouTube channel so successful to Team Run It Up and the Twitch streets.


Neeme’s vlogs put his viewers right into the mix. The Michigan State graduate was one of the first vloggers who began filming his hole cards and chipstack at the table, which allowed him to give his viewers a more authentic experience by sharing with them his first person point of view. When you watch a Neeme vlog, it feels like you could scoop up the chips yourself.


Eventually, many of the Las Vegas casinos put a stop to that aspect of his videos, but the high-quality videography and production value in his videos are what separated him from the pack.


Neeme started his vlog nearly two years ago and was creating content specifically for YouTube. Recently, he’s begun branching out to other avenues and is now expanding his content to Twitch.


The Michigan native moved to Los Angeles and worked in the music industry after getting his degree from Michigan State, but the 2008 economic depression caused the industry to take a turn for the worse.


As he was getting less work in music, he began taking poker more seriously. Eventually, he was making enough playing poker that he didn’t need to take jobs in the music industry. He moved to Las Vegas, took up the game full-time and never looked back.


After nearly a decade spent grinding out a living at the tables, Neeme was searching for something more. Something to break up the monotony of the daily grind.


The vlogs brought that break that Neeme needed.


He was able to refocus some of the energy needed to crush souls at the poker table and used it to create some of the best poker content on the web.


Not only was it some of the best, but it filled a void in the poker world. Most poker fans had plenty of opportunities to watch tournaments, and there were also several nosebleed cash games being streamed or televised.


But what is the life like for an everyman’s grinder? This might be where Neeme’s vlogs were the most eye-opening. Drawing inspiration from Casey Niestat’s vlogs, he used his videos to give the viewer a glimpse into his life in Las Vegas as a poker pro.


They are more than just hand histories. More than just footage of him at the table dragging pots. He brings the viewers to some of his favorite spots around the city and with him on some of his travels outside of the desert to local card rooms in California, Europe and even South Africa.


Neeme had several goals for his vlog. He wanted to help make poker fun again (which is literally on a RIU t-shirt), build a community of nice people who are social and enjoy poker, make poker less intimidating to new players, as well as entertain and educate poker fans.


It’s a ‘favorable’ addition to the Run It Up family, with Neeme’s goals aligning perfectly with RIU’s. If you’ve spent five minutes at any Run It Up event, you’ll know that the atmosphere is all about having fun and enjoying the game – a process that will only be amplified by our latest partnership with Andrew.