Thank you to all of the participants in our first Platinum Pass Adventure Challenge! Our participants streamed for a total of over 1,300 hours! We are so proud of your results and grateful for what you’ve done to help Twitch Poker grow.

We ran a unique contest this week for participants in our Platinum Pass Adventure.  For 9 days, we challenged our streamers to broadcast daily for as many hours as they could.  Again, we are thrilled with these amazing results.

PokerStars was willing to give us prizes to award to our top streamers.  We were able to give out 2 seats valued at $1,000 and 18 valued at just over $100. These prizes were definitely something that our streamers wanted to earn and were willing to work hard for.

When creating this contest, one thing was of utter importance: maintaining the spirit of our Platinum Pass competition. We are looking for the next great Twitch Poker streamer. We are looking for someone to rise up and build an audience while putting out fantastic poker content.

Unfortunately, one of our participants in this challenge broke away from the spirit of this competition.  On one of their marathon streams, they spent nearly 10 hours away from the camera while keeping their stream running showcasing zoom cash tables.  While technically, this can be seen as “streaming poker”, this is definitely not what we were looking for when creating this challenge.

Our goal is to challenge streamers to stretch themselves and grow into something great. We want them to grow into a poker content creator with a thriving audience and community.  We regret announcing our winners before finding this error but are very focused on one thing.  We want to grow Twitch Poker and help streamers be successful.