Eddie Cybulski scores first RIU Reno Title

Eddie Cybulski has been a fan of the Run It Up Reno series for quite some time. After making the trek from his home in Santa Barbara, CA every year for the last six years, he finally gets to take some hardware back to the Golden State.

Cybulski won the $125 six-max no-limit hold’em deepstack on Monday evening, defeating 128 entries and took home his first RIU trophy in a heads-up deal with Lance Donnell. In the penultimate event of the series, Cybulski won $2,886

“My dad lives here and I’m from Santa Barbara, California, so I come up here to see my dad and I blend in the Run It Up Reno event,” said Cybulski after his win. “I’ve kind of ran deep a couple times before, but this week has been great. I made a final table last night and to make this today, the second to last event of the day is just awesome to win a trophy.”

Like most loyal Run It Up Warriors, Cybulski enjoys the atmosphere that surrounds every tournament here at the Peppermill. It’s what keeps him coming back and to come out on top and take home some hardware means the world to the Central California native.

He was going to leave early and head back home for Easter, but a last minute change in plans led him to a few deep runs, some extra money in his pocket and a poker experience he won’t soon forget.

“That whole experience is awesome,” said Cybulski. “To make it in Reno and to actually stay, too, because I was actually going to leave on Sunday to go back for Easter, but I decided to stay and spend a couple more days with my dad and then stay here for the events. It’s awesome to be here on Monday and take home the trophy.”

Cybulski follows most of the well-known streamers on Twitch and over the years of coming here, he’s been able to meet and play with many of the guys that he watched grinding online. This time around, he didn’t get a chance to play with many of them, but he did end up making a new friend, who also made his mark on the Run It Up community.

“I did play a lot with DJ [Fenton], who won last night,” said Cybulski. “It was good to meet him and we kind of buddied up the other night in the satellite for the Thrilla, so that was awesome to see him win last night.”

Fenton won the main event last night and then made a deep run in this event with Cybulski. Fenton made the seven-handed redraw, but fell in seventh place for $360. Aside from Fenton, Cybulski was able to meet one new streamer this go around that he hadn’t met before.

“I got to meet Lex [Veldhuis],” said Fenton. “Which was awesome because I watch him streaming all the time.”

Of the 128 entries in the field, only the top 18 made the money. Here are the results:

1st: Eddie Cybulski – $2,886
2nd: Lance Donnell – $2,685
3rd: Taylor Cenci – $1,615
4th: Christina Lehto – $1,180
5th: Andrew Romeo – $810
6th: Ryan Rohrback – $560
7th: DJ Fenton – $360
8th: Jesse Capps – $360
9th: Allen Kerlin – $275
10th: John May – $275
11th: Kevin Martin – $210
12th: Patrick Preston – $210
13th: Richard Clauson – $175
14th: Jovanny Jayme – $175
15th: Marty Gorenc – $175
16th: Liz Tedder – $155
17th: Eduardo Magan – $155
18th: Gary Kochalla  – $155

With Cybulski closing out his win in the $125 six-max no-limit hold’em, the only event left on the schedule is the Taiwanese poker, which is currently running with 17 players remaining from the original 81 entries in the field.