It’s been done! The first official Taiwanese Poker tournament is all done at Run It Up Reno, wrapping up an amazing week!

Run It Up Director of Operations Andre Hengchua is the winner after a three-way chop with Sean Morton (2nd) and Pablo Ortiz (3rd). Hengchua pocketed $1,767 and Morton and Ortiz both earned themselves $1,595.

This tournament was the first of its kind with 81 entries and a prize pool of $7,857.

Hengchua, more commonly known as ‘Gretorp’, was all smiles with an entire army of RIU Warriors on his rail. “It feels really good, you know. I will be honest, I never expected to win anything because I play in very little. I’m obviously behind the scenes most of the time so I really only get to play the very first or the very last tournaments.”

The newly crowned champion has three cashes, all from Run It Up Reno. This is his fourth, and biggest, cash and his first ever tournament win!

Hengchua is a big part of the success behind the operations and explained a bit about his role and experience: “I do a lot of the analytics. Any programming that needs to be done, whether it’s bots, custom bots or anything like that. I do all production. Anything that you ever see that touches the screen, I have a hand in it. That’s graphics, animations, extensions. Really putting together a show. I’ve done a ton of shows: Starcraft, World of Tanks. I’ve done Clash Royale – I did their official series. It’s been a very awesome time and I’ll never say that I’m a true Director or anything. I’m just a guy trying to have fun with Jason Somerville.”

Gretorp was just engaged last year and plans on going home to his fiance – trophy in hand.

Here are the official results from this tournament:

1st place: Andre Hengchua – $1,767*
2nd place: Sean Morton – $1,595*
3rd place: Pablo Ortiz – $1,595*
4th place: Brett Gordon – $805
5th place: Chip Tutu – $570
6th place: Will Butcher – $375
7th place: Naomi Wager – $235
8th place: Andy Camou – $235
9th place: Chad Holloway – $180
10th place: William Dippel – $180
11th place: Jimmy Cappucci – $160
12th place: Jerry Boice – $80
13th place: Ryan Leonis – $80