Event #15: $125 Taiwanese Poker
Entries: 79

The last event of the series is going on and everyone is having a blast! The room is loud and players are enjoying some Taiwanese Poker.

For those who don’t know, Taiwanese Poker is a poker variant similar to Open-Face Chinese, in which players set seven cards to make a top, middle and bottom hand, and are then paid based on the number of points they score for each hand. After all players have set their hands, a five card board is dealt, and each player uses the cards they set in each position and the cards from the board to make their hands. Because of the number of cards required, a maximum of 6 players may play in a game of single-deck Taiwanese Poker, which uses a standard 52-card deck.

While most players are having a fun, Jason Somerville just made a straight flush in the bottom, but Andrew Cha made a Royal Flush to wreck his dreams!

Registration is closed in about 15 minutes