Dwight Ross

Level 13: 1500/3000/500
Players remaining: 21

Action folded to Kevin Martin who opened to 8,000 on the button. Dwight Ross, in the big blind, called.

The dealer spread a flop of [Jh][3h][2s]. Dwight checked. Kevin bet 12,000. Dwight called.

The turn came the [Kd]. Dwight checked again. Kevin continued for 25,000. Dwight check-called.

The [Qh] river completed the board and Dwight checked for a third time. Kevin bet 31,000.
Dwight went into the tank for a while before throwing in a chip signifying a call.

Kevin Martin tabled [7c][2c] and Dwight showed [Qd][Th] to rake in the pot.

Dwight Ross- 268,000
Kevin Martin- 480,000