$235 6-Max Shootout:
Level 36: 15,000/30,000 with a 15,000 ante
Players Remaining: 1 of 186 

George Geros moves all in on the button for 254,000 and Jason Burruss calls out of the big blind. Burruss shows [Jd][9c] and is dominated by Geros’ [Qd][Jc].

The flop is [Js][7d][5h], giving both players top pair, but keeping Geros in the lead. The turn is the [Jh], giving Burruss some chop outs, but he takes the whole pot when the [9h] comes on the river.

Burruss rivers the stone nuts, winning the pot and the tournament. Geros finishes runner-up for $6,584 and Burruss gets the lion’s share of the prize pool and $10,000.

They both earn a seat into the Platinum Pass freeroll. Geros wins the Run It Up Warrior last longer and Burruss gets a seat for winning the trophy.

George Geros

Jason Burruss – $235 6-Max Shootout Champion
George Geros – Eliminated