$125 HORSE
60,000/120,000 limits
Omaha Hi-Lo

Chip Tutu raises from the cutoff, leaving himself with just 15,000 behind. Kim Stone calls and the button and they are heads-up to a flop of [Kd][8s][3d]. Tutu bets his remaining chips and Stone calls.

Stone shows [Ks][Qs][Qc][Ts] and is up against Tutu’s [Ah][7h][6s][2d].

Stone is in the lead with top pair, but Tutu has an overcard and a low draw to stay alive. The turn is the [Kc], giving Stone trips and rendering his overcard dead. The river is the [9s] and Tutu misses his low draw.

Stone wins the pot and Tutu is eliminated in fifth place for $940.

Kim Stone – 535,000
Chip Tutu – Eliminated